A guide to energy-efficient lighting design

November 18, 2014

Energy-efficient lighting designs are important today, they are in fact a critical requirement for both domestic and commercial premises that wish to lower their monthly energy consumption. There was a time when lighting was an affordable revolution operating from near unlimited resources, nowadays the entire globe depends on limited resources to supply ever growing lighting needs. Because of this, it has become commercial and environmentally viable to look for ways to save energy.

Consulting lighting engineering is definitely one of the best decisions a company make in regards to reducing energy consumption. Such a group or company can help individuals and corporations big and small save substantial amounts of money in the coming years. How can they accomplish this? With proper planning and architectural designing this can be accomplished.


Certain types of curtains, glass windows and other simple tips, when applied, can certainly help save you money when it comes to saving energy in a home or office. Although, when it comes to larger commercial and industrial buildings and their surroundings, a particular engineering field comes into play. Lighting design engineers are professionals who know how to lower energy consumption on even the largest projects and buildings. They have ways to that can substantially lower any buildings energy needs.

Large projects can be altered in a way to utilize the physical location, expenditure capacity, energy-saving devices and other simpler features of domestic and commercial locations to lower energy consumption. When it comes to energy saving requirements mandated by government, things like greenhouse effect and gas emission are studied on such projects and addressed appropriately for compliance.


Although every project is different in terms of efficient lighting designing, the results that can be realized are impressive. It is possible to note up to 50% reduction in energy consumption every year from lighting bills. In fact, some commercial sites have saved more than that with simple lighting alterations. According to some research reports, electricity bills across the country have increased exponentially since 2009. That is the main reason why efficient lighting is so important for businesses.

To realize the greatest savings, it is actually better to work with a lighting team right during the construction phase of a project, rather when the building is completed for best results. Besides saving money, one of the better things about energy efficient lighting is the positive effects that it has on the environment.


Compared to other construction fields, energy-efficient lighting is still in early stages of development, fortunately there are a few experts in Melbourne. Consulting engineers like Connor Pincus Group can provide assistance in lighting design using innovative technology that is guaranteed to save your company money and that is gentle on the environment.

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