Benefits of Fire Suppression System


July 10, 2015

A robust fire suppression system defends against every aspect of a conflagration, acting as an authoritative solution to nature's most energetic villain. The system is engineered for more than heat dispersal and flame smothering. There's smoke to deal with, fire's nasty offspring. Indeed, smoke generates fumes that can end life as quickly as any burning flame. The engineering demands placed on the system by these disparate dangers is even influenced by the profile of the structure. The purpose of the room is key in this process. Is this a kitchen area where pure heat and cooking oils could lead to a blaze? Perhaps it's an electrical distribution closet, in which case the two solutions would diverge significantly.

The implementation of a fire suppression system therefore accounts for these variables and more. It registers the presence of particular building materials and balances chemical solutions against the function of the enclosed area where it's installed. For example, a sprinkler system would only magnify the peril of the scenario if installed in an area where electrical conductors are prevalent. An electrical distribution room would react poorly to this installation strategy. Of course, a smart consulting engineer is aware of this fact, the notion that electricity and water don't mix, which is why water "misting" solutions are available. Still, there's no arguing against the fact that near antiquated fire mitigation techniques have no place in modern buildings, which is why new fire extinguishing technology has stolen the spotlight

The first stage in fighting a fire comes from immediate warning, from a detection system that can get people out of the building. This is the point where the suppression system would take centre stage and extinguish the budding flames before they fully ignite. A system of sprinklers and hydrants aids in killing the source of the flames, but imagine the damage. The fire is out but the water damage has left thousand, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage in the wake of the fire. Turn instead to a gaseous solution, a waterless system that won't leave the building a water-logged mess, thus protecting corporate assets and irreplaceable belongings with equal efficacy. The chemical agents in question are clean, environmentally-friendly, and won't cause breathing difficulties or vision problems. Here are a few critically important attributes that are associated with the newest generation of gaseous fire suppressors:

  • The gases are inert and won't affect breathing
  • A dry application technology. The suppression technology won't damage property and is ideal for application in computer rooms or areas with electrical equipment
  • An eco-friendly product
  • Compact cylinders, thus less space is occupied
  • Extinguishes fire quickly and efficiently

There will always be a place for sprinklers and hydrants in firefighting, but gases, FM200 and FE-15 included, offer undeniable benefits. Considered a fast means of killing fire before it spreads and endangers life, these solutions also protect property and assets.

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