Hydraulic Services: Why is this a vital part in Engineering and Technology?


February 23, 2015

Environmental agencies, water authorities, and energy providers must all be included in any construction and / or industry.

Engineered hydraulic services in particular address the flow and conveyance of the primary fluids of:

  • water,
  • sewer,
  • stormwater, and
  • gas.

Hydraulic services offer the most current and compliant engineering (green) building and construction designs, manufacturing and industry operations, and the inspection of hydraulic, plumbing, and fire protection systems. Hydraulic services more specifically, per the Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia (AHSCA), include:

  • Hot and cold water systems, water reticulation, and backflow prevention,
  • LPG and natural gas,
  • Sanitary plumbing and sewer drainage and treatment,
  • Stormwater management, treatment, detention, water reuse and recycling, flood mitigation, and
  • Fire suppression systems.


Hydro-pneumatic accumulators are pressure vessels that receive and store excess oil pumped through the hydraulic system. In today’s booming oil and natural gas industry operations, accumulators are integral parts for energy storage and operating emergency and safety utilities. Engineered accumulators are used to reduce vibrations, pulsations shocks, and noise in drilling or pump systems. Additionally, they aid in suction flow stabilization, volume and leakage oil adjustment, media separation, weight equalization, and energy recovery.

Water sensitive urban developments (WSUD), wetland developments, and bio-filtration systems require planning, testing, and maintenance. Statistical analyses are required to determine the minimum and maximum allowances and tolerances. Onsite water detention systems are intended to mitigate severe rain, or unprecedented, storm impacts to infrastructure. Onsite storage allows water harvesting intended to reduce water supply demands on urban water resources or desalination plants. Hydraulic services engineering is required to accomplish grey and black water treatment plan integration or the connection of services accommodate supply and sewer main modifications.

Hydraulic services engineers are also responsible for and the implementation of the most current fire-engineered solutions, innovations, and advances. Fit-for-purpose solutions must meet building and system compliance, and include sprinkler, water mist, deluge, hydrant and hose reel, and gaseous suppression systems specifications.


Fluid cleanliness is critical to fluidic systems. Filtration technology is as important to maintenance technicians, planners, and engineers as the technical elements of planning and design. The measurement of contaminants and correctly sizing filtration products to effectively serve the product and/or system is paramount to not only daily operations, but also to the life of the system. Testing methods are used that quickly evaluate solid particulates, providing time efficient assessment and evaluation.

Hydraulic components and supporting design software provide quick assembly of highly flexible hydraulic power units. This technology allows the cost effective manufacturing of high quality hydraulic power units. Population growth and climatic change have made it necessary to focus on the most current advances in best practice technology. Innovative solutions in hydraulic design and engineering and waste water recycling, on site storage and efficient usage demand analysis are critical to designing for and controlling the movement and transfer of fluids.

With the increasingly popularity of green building design, computer flow modeling and water sensitive urban designs, including wastewater recycling and freshwater reuse systems, are important hydraulic services. Computer-aided hydraulic services energy efficiency upgrades, calculations, cost comparisons, and audits are essential to cost effective manufacturing, construction, maintenance, and efficiency and safety monitoring.

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