The Benefits of Access Control System in Security


July 29, 2015

Electronic security measures rule access management models, likely due to prodigious feature sets that can't be matched by the limited features that come with locks and keys. There's that super obvious drawback of keys, the inevitable loss of a tiny piece of slotted metal, but we won't get far if we come down hard on the inadequacies of a dumb slice of pocket-sized able metal. Instead, take a tour of the customization options that are incorporated within access control systems, the programmable electronic systems that offer near infinite flexibility and can adapt to any personnel configuration an organization can imagine.

Beyond Traditional Security Solutions

It would be impractical to key every door within a business and hand out keys to employees. Master keys and keys to rooms containing sensitive data, the concept and real world application of such an unnecessarily physical security configuration would only create headaches and a mess of jangling keys. The optimal solution, the integration of a system that ends holes in pockets, is to use an intelligent access control system. One main security terminal contains programmed configuration data. Meanwhile, satellite terminals are strategically located throughout the structure. An employee swipes the card, the virtual key is scanned and the system decides whether the employee has the right level of authorization to pass through an entry portal.

The Advantages of Programmed Access Management

The introduction of smart access management has an instantaneous effect on the professional image an enterprising organization is nurturing. Beyond this market-savvy aspiration, the results are purely practical and highly secure. For example, the cards can be incorporated as part of the employees ID badge, thus ensuring the worker always has the key on hand. Here's a list of the main benefits of the system:

  • The elimination of physical keys
  • Allows for the development of a smart hierarchical entry model
  • Infinity configurable authorization features
  • Incorporates new technologies such as biometrics
  • Extended security options. For example, the option to "buzz in" a visitor

The knowledge imparted here describes an ideal business security model, a programmable security system that can be configured and customized on the fly, but this technology isn't limited to large corporations. Mobile Apps and home security systems are banding together to deliver this time-proven technology to the consumer. Instead of ID cards and biometric data, the key is stored virtually within a smartphone App. The future of access control system growth lays in both of these usage domains, but the greatest changes are coming to the home. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity adds yet another layer to this technology, bestowing smartphone virtual keys with smart options that already include automatic garage opening mechanisms and the option to turn on entryway lighting when the mobile device approaches the residence.

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