The Importance of Intruder Detection Alarms

December 1, 2015

Intruder detection alarms provide a two-tier defence, guarding your valuables and your property from prowlers. The first layer focuses on electronic senses, on the detection of stealthy intruders. Digital eyes and ears stand sentinel. They spot the first signs of suspicious activity, relaying this information to the second stage. Once triggered, the detection circuitry sends a signal to the heart of the system, closing tiny switches to set off an alarm and alert the authorities. Of course, this secondary action works on many levels, perhaps silently sending a signal through a data line to call the police, or activating a loud internal alarm to warn occupants of a possible break-in.

Always Highlighting Peace of Mind

Your home is a valuable asset, one that can be calculated in terms of jewellery, cash, and hard-earned belongings, but let's face it, there's nothing more important than life and limb. You only have to look at recent crime statistics to see the harsh reality of the situation. Between 2012 and 2014, over 57,000 residential burglaries took place across Victoria. There's been a slight drop in this figure since the end of 2014, but it's still a disturbing trend. Stories of these statistics filter down to commercial premises and suburban districts, causing distress, naturally, and kindling a collective pause in our sense of security. Thankfully, intruder detection alarms offset the angst generated by the harsh realities of life and return peace of mind to you, your employees and all of your family members. Indeed, just knowing a top-notch system is protecting your perimeter is often enough to restore your sense of peace.

Incorporates an Active Crime Prevention Strategy

Protection from home invasions and general peace of mind practically makes the case for these systems, but there's more. Intruders can't be allowed to gain access to commercial districts. They can't just walk into an office or shop after closing hours. Intruder detection alarms protect these premises, alerting an owner or an employee of unauthorized entry. Sensitive utility buildings adopt this approach to stop trespassers. Government and military installations take this action further, adding multiple redundancy layers to the system, thus protecting extremely sensitive assets from prying eyes. Basically, the system is on guard every minute of the day, although night mode settings go further, placing door switches, motion detectors, and passive infra-red scanners at full attention.

If your property or the property of a friend is to gain the closest possible analogy to eyes and ears, install an intruder detection solution, an electronic sentinel that will "see" trespassers and take action. Traditional alarms are still very much in vogue and are extremely reliable, but a professional consulting engineer expands on this base system to offer tailored solutions, including new connected options that can connect wirelessly to the internet.

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